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The best class and build in "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" would have to be the Jedi Consular. The Jedi Consular has the ability to be the best and strongest class above all others. This guide will tell you exactly how and why to build the Jedi Consular as the best ever!.

Physical Build: Sentinel/ (Weapon Master/Marauder) Attributes: STR: 14 DEX: 14 + 8 CON: 14 + 4 INT: 12 WIS: 14 CHA: 10 ^^^ In comparison to my first build, I've lowered INT and CHA in return for higher STR. I've also changed the starting class to a sentinel in return for more feats at the loss of Force Power's DC. The sentinel's class feats are also a nice bonus, however, I don't ...KOTOR 2 - Mandalore Builds. This file details some considerations to make for a Mandalore build, and may eventually contain a few Mandalore builds from different playthroughs. We'll see how far I take it. ====================== Continuing the tradition of KOTOR I, Canderous comes with stats suitable for melee combat and feats …

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-- HUGE thanks to my newest channel member - cmdrshprd - Meatbag More of a "Build Insights" video, but just some tips and things you might consider when crea...An Exile's Path: Comparing the 9 possible pairings of classes in KotOR 2. KOTOR 2. There's been a lot of showing off builds of late and with the recent sale there are likely to be more people coming here to learn how to tackle the daunting first question the game poses to you. While we have an excellent series of beginner and optimization ...As stated, this build pushes for a Light Side Scout/Consular. The reasoning for the build is as such: Scout grants Implant feats and Flurry, which is what the Consular would require or best utilise (Flurry) through the game. Scout has the Computer Use and Repair skill, which allows you to reduce Computer Spike requirements (for Star Forge Robes ...

Atton: He starts out with a decently high DEX score and a pistol weapon focus, so early on he is your best bet for a ranged dps companion. Start building him towards two weapon fighting. He benefits from the melee weapon finesse feat, since his DEX is higher and investing most of his points into DEX is your best bet.Some things you can build in to your home, from integrated electronics to secret rooms. Learn about the best things you should build in to your home. Advertisement When I was young...Overview. Feats are gained based on class levels. Soldier 20 gains 18 feats (Carth, Canderous). Other classes gain 7-11 total. Scout 2/Guardian 18 gains 11 feats. Scout 2/Consular 18 gains 9 feats. Scout 2 gains Flurry and Implant 1 for free, which is why it is generally the optimal choice.Intelligence at 8 or 14 should be only options with that build. And then can top of dex/con to your preference. Level 5 is a good sweet spot to hold soldier level. You get an extra feat (compared to 4, and 2 more for holding at lower levels) which is enough to get every damage and implant feat + 2 toughness and 1 leftover for an extra toughness ...It is literally, the late bloomer where you need 6 levels to grab Improved Scoundrel's Luck, and hit Level 7 for another rank of Sneak Attack. In addition, given: the opposite alignment penalties. how Force Wave actually is more efficient for similar power to Force Storm in KotOR I.

14 Wisdom and Charisma might be overkill for the beginning of the game, especially with the Force Focus feats from Consular. I like to start with 14 in one and 10 in the other (14 Cha if you want a mix of light+dark powers), and use the extra starting stat points for Int or Con. Since you're aiming for Weapon Master, skills won't be your strong ...No matter how you build yourself the companions will always go into the same set classes even when you turn the ones you can into Jedi. Think about it, Atton, Visas and Mira iirc all go Sentinel, Bao and Disciple/Handmaiden turn into Guardians, which only leaves Kreia as your force user. ….

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Nachos may be the perfect finger food. They’re crispy, gooey, and packed with flavor in every bite—if you build them right, that is. These tips will get you on the right track. Nac...Jedi Consular only gets 1+INT/2 skill points per level. So a 7 Scoundrel/13 Jedi Consular would end up with 107 total skill points, which is enough to obtain the maximum ranks (23) in only half of the available skills. With that in mind, I think an 8 Scout/12 Jedi Sentinel makes more sense. 111 total skill points, at the expense of Security and ...redslinkster. • 3 yr. ago. Force powers in general are OP in both games, so IMO the strongest late game builds for both involve Consular with relatively high wisdom. IMO, for Kotor 1 it's Soldier/Consular with 2 weapon fighting, force speed, and wave/stasis field/destroy droid/insanity.

As a Consular you should have more than enough FPs for any encounter. mark632 15 years ago #8. Skills. The three most important skills for the player character are Persuade, Awareness, and Repair, because these are the three skills have unique uses only the player character can access.Prestige Sense for a Jedi Master or Sith Master is certainly worse than Greater Prestige Sense for the others (+2 Defense every 8 levels vs every 5), and on the face of it even Jedi Sense for the Jedi classes (+2 every 6), but due to +2 Defense upon first level they can still have equal or greater Defense than a Jedi Consular of the same level.

ollies in tullahoma tn Wisdom is much more important for male PCs due to Handmaiden's Battle Precognition. I would say Wisdom over Charisma overall as it gives more Force Points total while Charisma just lowers opposite alignment Force Power costs. Still, for battle and role play purposes I would start both at 14 and just go all in on Wisdom from there. and i just wanna be loved by youbam rose cinema showtimes everyXnewXday. ADMIN MOD. Ultimate KOTOR 1 Builds. I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we can share and discuss what we think are our ULTIMATE character builds for KOTOR 1. Keep in mind that what is “ULTIMATE” will always be based on subjective preferences and that there will be many different takes on what that means …As stated, this build pushes for a Light Side Scout/Consular. The reasoning for the build is as such: Scout grants Implant feats and Flurry, which is what the Consular would require or best utilise (Flurry) through the game. Scout has the Computer Use and Repair skill, which allows you to reduce Computer Spike requirements (for Star Forge Robes ... free churchill picks Back on topic, my favorite build is a Light Sided Male Jedi Consular/Jedi Weapon Master with a single bladed lightsaber and Critical Strike, focusing on str, wis and cons. Stun-locking tank FTW. My second favorite build is my "Mandalorian" build: a Jedi Guardian/Sith Marauder using heavy armor and dual wielding blasters.The Skillmaster. Class: Scoundrel -> Consular. While Scoundrel -> Sentinel gives the most skill points out of all the class combos, I went with Scoundrel -> Consular because it’s the only class combo in the game that gets to have every skill as a class skill. Don’t bother “saving” levels with this build; get as many levelups in ... abc basset rescuefry bross spidle funeral homesnow amounts in iowa This is my favorite build that I`ve created so far. Playing like this you become the true master of the force, lightsaber combat, and dialogue master. You ar...Most likely 18 CON (though CON might be a matter of playing to the implant system in KotOR II). Key skills are Persuade, Computer Use, Repair, Awareness. Single Cyan lightsaber back in the Mandalorian Wars (choose the option of forgetting what it even looked like when Atton asks). In the actual game, it is unknown. orlando gas prices map You can easily get through the game with your own unique character and will be rofl-stompingly strong by the end anyways. GT: KobeAtTheBuzzer. Packers, Lakers fan. TheHaggus (Topic Creator) 11 years ago #3. I enjoy making characters as powerful as I can, don't really know why, but I do it in every RPG I play. #4. mag gutsruger gun values by serial numberbruiser bulldogs indiana Kotor2 consular build. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You can refer to this. Disclosure: I wrote this. Changes from my comment would be to start with 14 CON and 12 CHA instead. Getting to 18 CON is recommended for most, instead of the 16 CON I mentioned back there. [EDIT: reflected these changes in comment.]